5-Day Winter Reboot Plan

This ebook contains the Winter Reboot plan, which is made up of five soups. Perfect as a seasonal reboot, the soups are easy to make, require very few steps, and are perfect for the winter.

Use the Winter Reboot to:
- Lose weight and detoxify.
- Refresh, rejuvenate and restore your health.
- Nourish your internal organs.
- Increase your energy



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The Winter Reboot is made up of five, creamy soups with the same premise of the 5-day reboot smoothie plan. Each soup is a combination of starchy and non-starchy vegetables. The soups are easy to make and require very few steps. Although we call them "creamy," there is absolutely no cream or dairy in it. This simply refers to the creamy, smooth texture.

You will drink one soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner accompanied with a protein source and snacks for five days. Included is an omnivore and vegan meal plan option.

Each day focuses on a different color of the rainbow. Every color provides a different phytonutrient, a natural chemical found in plant-based foods that prevents disease and keeps our bodies working properly. The foods also contain antioxidants that inhibit oxidation and that can protect our bodies from harmful substances such as free radicals. Since every color provides a different phytonutrient and antioxidant, you will be eating each color throughout the week so that your body reaps the benefits of optimal health.

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