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Eating Free: The Carb-Friendly Way to Lose Inches, Embrace Your Hunger, and Keep the Weight Off for Good.



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Why Eating Free isn’t just another diet book:

• Eating Free sheds light on a little-known hormone, ghrelin, which controls our hunger (the need to eat), drives our appetite (the desire to eat), and works to manage our metabolism and ability to burn fat only when it is fed, regularly and well. To keep ghrelin and its power to provoke cravings in check, Manuel Villacorta advocates eating—beginning with breakfast, within an hour after waking, and then every three to four hours;

• Eating Free also calls attention to the role of sleep in weight loss. Based on studies, ghrelin (and appetite) increases when sleep is reduced to four or five hours a night, from the ideal six to eight hours;

• Eating Free urges dieters to welcome back carbs, a macronutrient needed to control ghrelin spikes. The average brain needs 130 grams of carbs per day to function optimally;

• The Eating Free program achieves steady, sustainable weight loss—with an 84 percent success rate among Villacorta’s clients. (Other diets, on average, have an 85 percent failure rate!). Eating Free presents a “newtrition” combination for optimal fuel and quality weight loss: 45 percent carbs, 30 percent protein, and 25 percent fats;

• Eating Free refutes the focus on grueling, daily exercise for weight loss. Research shows that losing weight is 80 percent nutrition and lifestyle. Plus, rigorous workouts cause ghrelin to spike, particularly in women;

• Eating Free demonstrates that weight loss is about a whole balance of factors, including our stress levels. Cortisol production, due to everyday stress, can be a huge barrier for weight loss. Stress is toxic to our well-being, so self-care isn’t just a nice idea; it’s essential to effective weight loss.

The Eating Free book provides:

• Seven-day sample meal plans for a range of calorie needs and weight-loss goals, complimented by a diverse selection of irresistible recipes, from Asian Noodle Primavera to Peruvian Cilantro Beef Stew to an author favorite: his Abuela’s Rice Pudding;

• Useful strategies for Eating Free at home (starting with smart grocery shopping) and on the go (parties, vacation, the office, and more), as well as critical pointers on managing portions;

• Vital tips on reducing stress (and fat-boosting cortisol levels), exercising for energizing (rather than exhaustion and spikes in ghrelin), sleep, and self-care for weight loss; and

• Helpful charts, checklists, and record-keeping tools, including free access to the author’s online Success Tracker.

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