Eating Free Guide eBook

The Eating Free Guide eBook will provide you with the basic nutrition behind the science of the Eating Free program.



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This is a quick overview of the Eating Free program and its food groups.

Enhance your nutrition knowledge and speed up your weight loss with this fast read!


if i have already read the book do i need the ebook?


re the ebook -the guide booklet...The description dos not say much. How many pages? How many recipes, meal plans? Or is it really about understanding the science behind it all Thank you. I am sadly recently unemployed and trying to look good for new job interview, however I am on a tight budget and trying to figure out the best way I can get the most information. Once I land a new job I can come back with a vengeance and buy up all you have, : ) Until then I am open to advice on how to get all the basics I need to get started. And quickly! Thanks!

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