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Whole Body Reboot: The Peruvian Superfoods Diet to Detoxify, Energize, and Supercharge Fat Loss

Manuel Villacorta says:
I don't kill flavor for health. You can have both; a flavorful and healthy meal. I can teach you how in Whole Body Reboot!

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The key to transforming your health and your body can be found in Peruvian superfoods. These foods hail from the Andes to the Amazon and are quite possibly some of the most functional foods on our planet today.

In my book, I provide simple yet thorough explanations of weight-loss, anti-aging, and disease-fighting concepts by using an appealing page layout displaying colorful photography, easy-to-read bullet points, and sidebars summarizing each health benefit.

The book includes a 5-day Reboot Detox Plan and four 7-day meal plans for omnivores, vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free diet preferences and over 135 of mouthwatering recipes from breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert. All recipes are less than 400 calories and include nutritional facts.
Achieving optimal health isn’t just about weight loss

The benefits of consuming Peruvian superfoods are astonishing: from fighting cancer and reducing chronic inflammation to boosting energy and enhancing memory, overall strengthening your metabolism for optimal fat-burning and efficiency – these foods have it all.

Longevity – Each featured superfood packs antioxidants for anti-aging, disease-fighting benefits.
Energy – these superfoods build strength, stamina, and even sexual drive
Brain Foods – they also boost brain health by increasing mood, alertness, and memory to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
Immunity – Dense with potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals, these superfoods also help prevent chronic diseases
Detoxifying – Peruvian superfoods are free of toxins and rich in free radical scavengers, which purify the liver and provide whole-body benefits.

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