Weight Loss Coaching Program - Full Coaching

This premium package is a 3-4 month virtual program guided by Manuel Villacorta, who has helped thousands of people reach their weight loss goals. His success doesn't only come from helping people lose weight, but also from his 84% success rate of clients keeping the weight off, one year after finishing the program.



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This 3-4 month interactive nutrition counseling program is guided by Manuel Villacorta. Manuel has seen over 3,000 clients in his private practice in San Francisco, MV Nutrition, and has successfully helped them reach their nutrition and weight loss goals in a sustainable way using a lifestyle approach. A 5-time award winner as “Best Nutritionist in the Bay Area” by San Francisco Chronicle and ABC 7. This is your premium coaching package that will include customized meal plans, lifestyle coaching using cognitive therapy and motivational interviewing.

This program has been proven to promote positive changes in one's eating habits while achieving one's nutritional goals in a healthy and realistic manner.

This 3-4 month Nutrition Program consists of:

• Time with Manuel as your coach
• Initial nutritional assessment
• Supporting online tools
• Personalized meal plans
• A 7-day diet sample menu customized to your calories (Regular, vegan, gluten free or other)
• Shopping lists (Major Supermarkets, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's)
• Continuous support though follow up sessions

Full coaching session breakdown:(Phone or Skype)
• (1) 60-minute sessions with Manuel
• (1) 45-minute follow-up session
• (1) 30-minute follow-up session
• (3) 15-minute follow-up sessions

• First consultation: A Coaching Session of 60 minutes with Manuel Villacorta. During this session, he will assess your medical and dietary history. He will also asses your daily routines, eating habits, as well as your work, home, and social environments to ensure the Whole Body Reboot online program suits your lifestyle. You and Manuel will discuss and set up realistic goals for short term and long term success.

• Second consultation: A coaching session of 45 minutes with Manuel Villacorta. During this session, the different philosophies of the program will be explained, in detail, and Manuel will share the best ways to maximize your personalized nutrition program, from reboot servings to online tools. The online tools include food tracking, exercise and behavior monitors.

•Third consultation: A coaching session of 30 minutes. During this session, he will ensure that you are staying on track and will provide you action goals based on your progress. Accountability is key!

• 4TH, 5TH & 6TH follow up coaching sessions: Coaching Sessions, 15 minutes with Manuel. These sessions are to continue monitoring your progress, adjusting your program as needed, and providing continued support.


Morning, I am a very active menopausal women of 54 years. My goal for the last year has been to try to loose weight and body fat . I have been tracking my food intensely for a year through my fitness pal and have also used your tracking system at times. I recently had a dexa body scan analysis done and was very disappointed at the results. My body fat is 37.7% with a BMI at the line between overweight and normal. I would like to be able to get to 148# or some where around 30% body fat. But, my main goal is to understand why I am not making any head way. I weigh my self, take pictures, track body fat , take measurements, track food, measure my foods ,and use gram scales, But still haven't had much success in reaching my goals. I exercise 6 days a week with a combination of weight , cycling and running. I also track this through training peaks and adjust my calories accordingly . I like to exercise and find it a huge stress reliever as well as being good for you. I thought it was good for weight loss , but not so sure anymore. Ok, I wanted to give you my background so you could point me to the coaching program you think would be right for me . I was also playing around with the thought of buying all ready prepared meals so I didn't cheat. Lot said , Roberta Beckers


Hello- I am interested in your coaching services. A friend of mine highly recommended them? However, I am based in Paris, and I know that certain health foods/super foods are still not necessarily available in France. Even finding black beans in France can be complicated. Can adjustments be made to the diet plan based on these types of constraints? Thank you !


Im Peruvian and I live in NYC , and I'm interesting in the program. Do you think this program would work for me? Can I do skype for all the sessions? And also do you have spanish speaker dietitian? Thank you!

Thanks for contacting us. A representative will contact you shortly.




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