Weight Loss Coaching Program - Light Coaching

This is a 1 month virtual program guided by Manuel Villacorta, who has helped thousands of people reach their weight loss goals. His success doesn't only come from helping people lose weight, but also from his 84% success rate of clients keeping the weight off, one year after finishing the program.



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This program is for individuals who have already started with Whole Body Reboot online and feel like they have reached a plateau, need an extra push, or need motivation. Using this program, you can access Manuel as your coach, so that he may answer questions you have already prepared. After the assessment, you will have two 15-minute follow up sessions to track and adjust your progress. Manuel will also provide different pointers to help you stay on track with your nutritional goals.

This Light Coaching Nutrition Program consists of:

• 45 minutes of phone coaching sessions: Initial nutritional assessment and program outline (week 1)
• Continuous support through 2-follow up sessions:
15 minutes (week 2): 7-day menu review, check-in about progress with week 1 goal(s).
15 minutes (week 4). Review progress and provide further support.

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