1500-Calorie Lacto-Ovo Sample Menu Week 2

These 7-day sample menus were developed by a registered dietitian, are whole food based, incorporating common foods with Peruvian superfoods. We suggest alternatives with common whole foods if Peruvian superfoods cannot be found.



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Eating Free 7-day sample menus are available in Regular, Lacto-Ovo, Vegan, and Gluten-Free versions.

Our menus not the typical bland diet food. They are delicious and satisfying, so you're sure to enjoy these irresistible recipes. They are also easy to make and follow! In order to decide your caloric level sign up to Eating Free to get your customized prescription. Our online tools are FREE - Sign up now!

These 7-day sample menus can help you learn how to distribute your food group allowances (freebies) throughout the day and week. They are a great kick start to the Eating Free program. You can follow each day from breakfast to dinner, or you can use the meals as modules. For example, you may love breakfast from day 4 and want to make dinner from day 7. Use this sample menu to mix and match your meals! These menus can help you lose weight fast.

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