Maca & Cacao Pre-Exercise Package

This is the perfect pre-exercise combination of cacao and maca to fuel you during your workout. With this combination, you can suppress appetite and increase your endurance.



Maca is a Peruvian plant native to the tropical Andes, sometimes referred to as ‘Peruvian ginseng. Maca is often paired with cacao, cinnamon, or banana. It has been shown to have a positive effect on energy and mood, and may even decrease anxiety and improve sexual desire. It contains high amounts of protein and a relatively low amount of fat. As protein is essential for muscle building. Maca has been shown in studies to increase glucose in the blood stream after a prolonged fast, making it great for continuing to exercise after extended effort.
The cacao tree was cultivated over 3000 years ago by Incans in Peru. Cacao is not added TO dark chocolate; it IS chocolate at the core! The secrets to chocolate’s incredible health benefits are unlocked when it is eaten in its raw, unheated state. Cacao is a natural appetite suppressant and can help reduce food cravings and speed weight loss. Cacao beans are bursting with antioxidants, magnesium, and other healthful substances. When cacao is consumed in its natural state, it can help with weight loss, energy, hearth health, and much more!
Together, these two superfoods are great for a pre-exercise shake to help increase energy & endurance


I read you article on line about Peruvian superfoods. I want to try Maca and see it benefit me. I am active 57 year old male. My question is what is the serving size per day and how many lbs bags you have and their prices. thanks.


I want to order this maca and cacao but I still want to be able to eat great and good meals

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